The world's most powerful diesel outboard.

A new generation of diesel technology

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Technical Specifications

The CXO300 breaks the traditional barriers of diesel technology.

Using a brand new V8 diesel technology, this outboard allows 25% less fuel consumption and at the same time generating up to 480 pounds of torque.

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Life span

COX engines are designed to last more than 3 times than a traditional gasoline outboard engine.

60 months recreational warranty

Garantía de 18 months or 1500 hours commercial warranty

Retrofit Compatibility

Although unique in design, the CXO300 has been built for purpose and developed according to existing industry standards – making it as easy to install on a wide range of vessels as any gasoline outboard



Standard outboard fitting layout. 6-bolt mounting with multi-hole adjustment.


Compatible con los sistemas de comunicación NMEA 2000/J1939


Off the shelf. Maximum propeller diameter 16”. 1.25” shaft / 19 tooth.


Compatible with all Seastar EPS steering.

Authorized distributor for all Central America

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